Pack Out & Storage Services

Depending on the severity of the fire or water damage in your home, the restoration may require your contents and furnishings to be inventoried, packed, and safely transported to our climate-controlled warehouse. Your belongings will then be thoroughly cleaned, restored, deodorized, re-packed, and stored until the structural restoration is completed. The restoration technicians of ServiceMaster RRH are fully trained, and we will treat your possessions as if they were our own.

ServiceMaster RRH will provide the following content restoration and pack out services:

  • Coordinate any structural and content restoration activities with your insurance claims representative
  • Separate items that will not need to be restored, packed, and moved from the items that do require restoration
  • Pack out all items and transport to secure facility, including a printed copy of your inventory before transport
  • Photograph and document the condition of all contents requiring transport and restoration, as well as noting the original location of each item in order to place back correctly during the pack in process
  • Perform all necessary restoration, cleaning, deodorization, re-packing, and storage in our secure facility
  • Track and document the restoration of your belongings and provide status reports regarding the progress of the restoration claim
  • Arrange for re-delivery of your belongings once the restoration and reconstruction process is complete, including another printed copy of the inventory

Whether you need fire restoration, water damage repair, or any restoration that requires pack out services, ServiceMaster RRH is there for you! You can count on the special care we take when handling your furnishings and personal belongings. For more information on pack out services, contact us today!