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Even after the fire is extinguished, damage may still be occurring in your building. >Smoke can creep into rooms that may have not been affected by the flames, and soot will settle on every surface in your building once the fire is doused. Smoke damage is not the light matter it seems because it can create lasting damage to your surfaces and belongings. When you need professional smoke and soot removal, call the professionals of ServiceMaster RRH.

The professionals at ServiceMaster RRH understand the intricacies of soot and smoke damage associated with fires in your home or business. The most thorough of fire restoration projects must also include treating rooms smoke and soot have entered. If left unattended, smoke and soot can cause chemical etching and destruction, as well as produce an unpleasant lingering odor. Leaving smoke and soot to sit on your possessions could cause more extensive damage and even make your belongings unsalvageable.

Different aspects of your building may require different types of cleaning and solutions to fully eradicate the smoke damage. Our trained professionals know the exact processes to use so your building can be fully restored from soot and smoke damage.

When a fire leaves behind smoke and soot damage in your home, leave the restoration to the professionals of ServiceMaster RRH. We've got the tools and expertise for full smoke and soot removal in your building. Call ServiceMaster RRH today to get started.

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